1) The admission ticket is a guarantee of your entrance to the event.

2) Refunds for tickets are made ONLY if the event is canceled. When returning the ticket, the organizer returns the nominal value of the returned ticket. The commission / service fee is not refundable.

3) You may be denied entry if you have a ticket in the following cases: if you are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication; if you behave aggressively; If you conflict with the security service, the administration or visitors of the event; If your appearance does not match the style of the event.

4) Purchasing a ticket means your automatic consent to all kinds of photo and video filming of your person and the public use of these materials by the organizers without obtaining additional consent from you.

5) It is strictly forbidden to bring to the event: any weapons and explosives; any drinks and food; any narcotic substances and means for their use. Visitors who violate these rules and do not obey the requirements of persons authorized by the event organizer may be taken out for the territory of the event without compensation for the ticket price.

6) Any distribution and sale of promotional codes, whose issuer is, is prohibited. If the system fixes the use of the promo code by the buyer who does not have the right to use it, reserves the right to block such an account, incl. all purchased tickets and goods.