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Legendary Evanescence are returning to Kyiv with the new album

They are one of the biggest gothic-rock bands of the early 2000’s. Their videos were constantly in rotation of Ukrainian and international channels. Their songs were loved by little boys and girls who are now all grown up, with serious jobs and families.

If you want to know how popular they are, just scream "WAKE ME UP" in the crowd on the street. And you will definitely hear someone responding: "WAKE ME UP INSIDE!". This is Evanescence, and they come to Kyiv to with a big solo show.

Date: September 20th, location: Stereo Plaza.

Evanescence will present the album Synthesis to the Kyiv audience. The album consists of all-time favorite songs in a new arrangement, with a full symphonic orchestra.

“I’m to used to dreaming big. The idea came out of just one thought: “How cool would it be to make new versions of songs with an orchestra and electronic elements.” Everything snowballed rather quickly, thanks to our experience, as well as to the professionals who supported this enterprise,” says Evanescence frontwomen Amy Lee.

Lee added that she was extremely happy to work again on those tracks that seemed to have found their own way and passed the test of time: “These compositions have been living their lives for a long time. I got a completely new experience, remembering how I worked on them when I was 20 years and now, when I’m 35 ".

Synthesis impresses with its scope. Songs that were previously considered loud and emotional got new strengths. Now, they sound even louder and a lot more emotional. As the band notes, the album turned out to be a good example of how to pump the past and show clear prospects for the future.

Synthesis, like Evanescence’ previous releases that had sold over 25 million copies, was successful. It hit the Billboard top 10 and the top 30 of the British charts. This year, the band will go on a worldwide tour and play the new versions of the songs. Kyiv was very lucky to find a spot in the band’s tight schedule.

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