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Disturbed to perform in Ukraine for the first time! 

Nowadays, in the world of music there’s an interesting fight going on between rock music and hip-hop. Both genres produce performers that one battle becomes hotter than the other. Newbies against newbies, veterans against veterans. Some of the coolest and most seasoned fighters that are hard to beat are the metal quartet Disturbed. They are coming to Ukraine to perform for the first time and show how rock music should be played.
Save the date: June, 18th, location: Stereo Plaza.

In October 2018, Disturbed released the new album Evolution, the first in three years, which the group will present it Kyiv. According to the band, to them Evolution has become something like the Black Album was for the legendary Metallica – one of the most iconic and best-selling albums of heavy music of all time.

"If I suddenly die after the release of this album, and it will be the last one in our heritage, I’m fine with it. We did for ourselves what Metallica did with the Black Album," said frontman David Draiman in an interview.
The title Evolution wasn’t chosen by accident. On the new record, Disturbed decided to move away from the usual "metallic" sound in favor of melodies and lyrics. The musicians recorded the album with pleasure, inspired by the classic rock music of the seventies and did not fall into the trap of a writer’s crisis.

“We try to grow as songwriters. We spend a lot of time together and try to benefit from it and constantly inspire each other. It’s not easy, believe me. We wrote over 100 songs together. And after this, I’m not worried about the management, the label, or fan opinions. I’m worried about that these guys with whom I share the stage think about me," says lead guitarist Dan Donegan.

Evolution performed well on the charts, like previous Disturbed albums. Getting into the top 5 of the Billboard 200 and in the top 10 of the UK chart continued the band’s commercial successful. There are seven albums in Disturbed’s discography. Each of them became platinum in the United States and gold in the United Kingdom. The group’s tracks were listed six times on the Billboard Hot 100.

The highest position – 44 – was occupied by The Sound Of Silence, the cover version of a song by folk duo Simon & Garfunkel. For this cover, Disturbed was nominated for a Grammy in the category Best Rock Performance. Their songs headed the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart eight times. This gives every reason to consider Disturbed one of the most successful guitar bands of our time, which proves that rock is far from dead.

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