About us

H2D (How To Do) isn't just an inscription, this is what we believe in.

H2D's history began in 2014. We managed to work with such artists like Benjamin Clementine, LP, Nicolas Jaar, Moderat, Apparat, David August, Oxxxymiron, Max Cooper, Adam Gontier, GusGus, Tom Odell, Milky Chance, Manowar and many others.

We know how does it feel, when the level of emotions give you a thrill. We know how to make you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. That is why from show to show we do our best to become even more better.

We give life to abandoned locations and turn concert venues into something more. It does not really matter where are you now - at Opera house or pavilion, stadium or underground club. The most important thing is the moment of happiness, experienced during our shows, and this is the real goal of our endless moving forward progress.

We know what is "must have" for creation of that very special moment, and we know how to create it H2D (How To Do) - it is not an abbreviation, it is the meaning that we put into our actions, a comfortable environment for the development of music in our country

When everything connects together and turns into reality, we understand that the road trevelled for a good reason. And we are only at the beginning of this path.